Transmission # 1 - 7-24-16
Premier Transmission ! Covering why a person should plan for a break down of our countries social order.
" Rally Points ", " Compasses " and " Two Way Radios " were discussed.


Transmission # 2 - 7-27-16
" EMP's "; What are they? Damage to electronics?
Things to consider when burying supplies.
" Silver and Gold "; not really the best for tough times ahead.


Transmission # 3 - 8-3-16
" Trade Items "; There are many everyday items that are great for trading when money does not work.
" Secrecy and Discretion "; How to hide your supplies, how to lie and avoid people finding out information about you.


Transmission # 4 - 8-10-16

" Rationing, when it's gone it will be gone " !!; Making sure food, water, medical supplies, ammunition can last as long as possible. 
Why the upcoming presidential elections cannot help our country at all.


Transmission # 5 - 8-17-16

" Urban Intelligence Gathering Skills "; The art and science of sifting through small pieces of information about your local area, that can mean the difference between living and dying.


Transmission # 6 - 8-24-16
" Who can you trust "?; The most dangerous people you will face are the people you are counting on to help you stay alive!
Knowing how to decide who is really someone that you can trust with your supplies and your life.
The secret and very important skill of judging friends and family to see who must go or die.


Transmission # 7 - 8-31-16
Killing Friends and Family members; A preppers' / survivalists guide as to when and why to kill people you know before they kill you.
The strategies and tactics of taking a life during survival situations.
Know how and when to pull the trigger on anyone..


Transmission # 8 - 9-7-16
" Martial Law Strategies and Tactics "; How to make sure that when your home is searched, and you are questioned.
You do not loose your weapons, medical supplies and food to law enforcement and martial law troops that want to " confiscate " your personal property for your own safety and protection.
Skills and information that will provide safety from Martial Law times.


Transmission # 9 - 9-14-16
" Food, Water, Medical Supplies; how much to have "?? Many times people will stock pile weapons and ammunition, yet fail to consider supplies far more important to a person's survival.
Water, food, medical supplies.
How to formulate a plan to have what is required to live...


" Shoot to kill or shoot to stop "?? How to know when to shoot to kill someone and when strategically it is better to shoot them but not kill them.
Wounding certain people at the correct time can actually stop several people from advancing towards you.
Tactics, plans and skills on understanding when to kill someone and when to just wound them.
The psychological warfare of killing..


" Night Vision, Thermal Imaging and Drones ". New technology that is available to just about anyone will be one of the main reasons for average citizens being robbed and killed! Most American citizens have no real understanding of night vision, thermal imaging or the use of drones. Far less expensive than what most believe, now days anyone for less than $1,000.00 can become an expert at locating people that are hiding and the location of wildlife in their area...


" Do you have the WIL2LIV " ???; The Strategies / Tactics and basic plan on how to locate and secure supplies for the event of retail stores and gas stations not providing what you need. How to steal, how to take supplies without being caught by others. 
Someone is going to die, better it be them and not you!
Survival is not pretty, moral or Christian. To make it to another day you must be prepared to accept the suffering and death of others so you can live...


" Relocating - Bugging Out "; Evacuating before they come to take you away. Which is exactly what Martial Law Troops, NATO Troops and even your local Law Enforcement Departments are preparing to do.
To take control of you before you get the chance to become out of control of whoever is in charge! Which really means you are attempting to hold on to your weapons and supplies.
How to plan to leave at a moments notice!!


" Kidnapping and Hostages ",... held until someone gives up; These are the tactics that will be used against you.
Family members and friends, including your own Horses and family pets will be the target of those individuals and groups that want what you have to offer!! Food, water, medical supplies, ammunition, weapons! Even clothing or just the chance to take over your home or your campsite.
Unless you understand these tactics and very serious strategies you will become a victim of them.


" Political Riots and Protests ", Are great sources of information on Law Enforcement tactics. 
" Gas Masks ", How to shop for a useable gas mask and filters, when to consider using a gas mask.
" Killing Fields ", Knowing just how much bullet drop your weapons have. Marking out trajectory measurements down field for more effective killing. 


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